Christopher J. Rusho is a photographer, technologist, quantified-selfer, autodidact and polymath.

All his life he's dreamed of being able to write the perfect artist's statement -- one that would leave even the most discerning insider to wonder to himself "what does it all mean?" while proclaiming a deep understanding of said artist, but alas it still eludes him.

He may be too straightforward.

After a successful career in technology that included application development, interface design, and sales engineering, he realized he had accumulated the perfect combination of experience to bring to bear as a photographer. Really.

Don't worry, he still spends most of his work hours staring at a screen.

Focusing on real estate, architectural, documentary and street photography, he will bring a both a technical and artistic craftsmanship to every project.

Most likely also some water and maybe some nuts, depending on how long it's scheduled for.

If you've found your way to this part of his website, you've most likely already had the chance to meet him.

Even the most technical shoot is personal. So if you haven't, he'd love to meet you.


Or send him a note at the Contact link above.
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